Hayfa, Liza & Mio- A Home Birth Story | Kristie Robin, Photographer & Doula

There is a feeling I get when I meet people who I know are going to change me.  It’s like a flow of energy circulating in my body, rising up and stirring until I’m covered in goosebumps – very scientific, I know.  But this feeling has served me well when choosing clients that are the right fit for me and the way that I practice as a birth worker.  Meeting Hayfa & Liza gave me this feeling- maybe even from the first email exchange.  I absolutely insist that the people I choose to work with are open to the idea that birth is transformative and empowering, that they set intentions for how they want to birth and are enthusiastic about learning how normal physiological birth takes place.  These two had all of these qualities, and more.  Not only did they do the work they needed to get to this place, they came in to it as a team, they were completely invested in the journey of becoming parents together.  It was no surprise to me when the time came to birth their beautiful baby, Mio, they stayed together, vulnerable, and rode the waves of birth with grace. 

This birth, like many others wasn’t short nor did Hayfa or Liza get off easy.  No one slept for hours, and there were plenty of times I am sure they felt it would never end – but as I mentioned earlier- it was one of those births that changed me and more importantly, it changed them.  The peaceful vibe, abundance of love and feeling of triumph was well worth all of the challenges that come with a long birth.  All those moments we spent together will be with me forever.  Being welcomed with open arms into this experience with this family was an honour.  Thank you for sharing your beautiful birth story with the world, Hayfa, Liza Mio and Molly, more people need to see what it really looks like to give birth surrounded by love, support and respect in the comfort and safety of their own home.         

Please feel free to share if you want to spread the love, this family and I would really appreciate it. Also, a big, huge thank you to Strathcona Midwifery Collective – your care, experience and love is top notch- the heart you all put into every birth you attend is unmatched.   

Are you looking to have a meaningful, positive and healthy birth experience with your upcoming baby?  If so, please be in touch– I would love to connect to see if I might be the right addition to your birth team.